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Droneseek takes the search out of search and rescue!

The Deepseek proprietary artificial intelligence software platform is deployed to an aerial drone system resulting in a revolutionary search and rescue system, Droneseek, used to aid in search an e efforts.

Advantages of the Droneseek system include its accelerated response times when compared to a traditional rescue helicopter dispatch, its automated nature which ensures no human operator is required and finally its cost effectiveness for search and rescue scenarios.

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The Numbers

Droneseek will help save lives

Droneseek Solution

0 Helicopter Callouts per Year
0 Helicopter Cost per Hour
0 Drownings per Year
0 Lifes saved by coast guard every year

The Droneseek Solution

Person enters water

Person enters the water and gets into difficulty due to strong currents and cold water shock

Alarm is raised

The alarm is raised by a member of the public notifying the emergency services.

Deepseek Drone is dispatched

The Droneseek aerial drone is dispatched from a search and rescue base.

Droneseek searches for victim

The Droneseek system searches for the victim using smart search algorithms and person classification models.

Real-time updates

The search and rescue ground team get real time updates on the mission and possible whereabouts of the victim.

Rescue operation takes place

The Droneseek systems locks onto the victim until the search and rescue team arrive to carry out the rescue operation.

What we do

Deepseek Rescue Droneseek

Droneseek is an intelligent drone system which automates search and rescue efforts in rivers across Ireland.

Deepseek Secure Secureseek

Secureseek is a drone based surveillance system. It automates the surveillance of large areas.

Artificial Intelligence Consultancy

Deepseek AI consults on all AI related projects. Contact us today to discuss your AI based project.

Machine Learning Pipeline

Deepseek AI is working to develop a artificial intelligence pipeline. This helps stream line the process of model generation.

The Deepseek Vision

We aim to leverage the power of AI to solve real-world problems in a variety of industries. Deepseek AI has an interest in AI apllications in the following areas;

Search and Rescue

Droneseek search and rescue system

Sport & Lifestyle

AI for sports performance and lifestyle improvement


Teaching and Learning with AI technology


Secureseek security for large areas and crowds


Improving healthcare with AI and data analytics


Helping farms manage their livestock with aerial drones

Internet of Things

Making decisions using wireless sensor data

Data Analytics

Using data in the best way possible

Law Enforcement

Crowd control using drone and AI technology

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